Monday, July 15, 2013

Jeff Mathews TD vs Yale

by Justis Mosqueda

I was going through the Mathews vs Yale (2012) game on Draft Breakdown when I found a really good play by Mathews. You can't really tell in the video, but Mathews is calling an audible/hot route based on the defense's formation. There's only three players on the left side showing coverage: the corner, the safety, and the linebacker. Chances are, the linebacker can't hang with either of the receivers, which means that they will likely, or at least one for sure, be single-covered.

The slot (running a corner to the endzone) is in the linebacker's zone first. Mathews is reading the defense. All four rushers are picked up with two blockers to spare.

The slot switches to the safety's zone. The corner is near frozen (Mathews threw in a pump fake), and the linebacker is just taking up space. If the pass is thrown perfect, and the corner doesn't release deep too early, it should be a score. Again, all the rushers are taken care of.

Mathews strikes and puts it right above the corner's reach, across the opposite sideline of this throwing shoulder.

The receiver sticks the landing.

To put it into perspective, here's an opposite angle showing how tight of a hole the ball had to be thrown in.

The play is starts around 2:45 in this TV cut video.

The play starts around 9:50 in this coaches tape video.

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