Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Offense (24)
Defense (26)
Special Teams (3)

Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers, Vince Young (2)

Running Back: Eddie Lacy, Johnathan Franklin, Alex Green, James Starks (4)

Fullback: John Kuhn (1)

Wide Receiver: Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Randall Cobb, Jarrett Boykin, Jeremy Ross (5)

Tight End: Jermichael Finley, D.J. Williams, Andrew Quarless, Matthew Mulligan (4)

Offensive Line: David Bakhtiari, Josh Sitton, Evan Dietrich-Smith, T.J. Lang, Don Barclay, Marshall Newhouse, Greg Van Roten, Lane Taylor (8)

Defensive End: B.J. Raji, C.J. Wilson, Datone Jones, Mike Daniels (4)

Nose Tackle: Ryan Pickett, Johnny Jolly (2)

Outside Linebacker: Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, Mike Neal, Nate Palmer, Andy Mulumba (5)

Inside Linebacker: Brad Jones, A.J. Hawk, Robert Francois, Jamari Lattimore, Sam Barrington (5)

Cornerback: Tramon Williams, Sam Shields, Casey Hayward, Jeremy Hyde, Davon House, Jarrett Bush (6)

Safety: Morgan Burnett, Jerron McMillian, M.D. Jennings, Chris Banjo (4)

Special Teams: Tim Masthay, Mason Crosby, Brett Goode (3)

PUP: J.C. Tretter (OG/OC), Jerel Worthy (DE), Derek Sherrod (OT)

IR: Bryan Bulaga (OT), DuJuan Harris (RB)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Behind Enemy Lines-Preseason Week 2 vs St. Louis Rams

by Justis Mosqueda

Preseason Week 1 vs Arizona (featuring: Kent Hodder)

Joining me this week is Nick Page of the DraftBreakdown.com team, who you can follow on Twitter: @NFLDraftPage.

Why are you a Cleveland Rams fan, and why don't you root for the Packers?

(I'm gonna assume you meant St.Louis)

[Someone's didn't read the first edition of the series..]

I'm a Ram's fan, because I was born in St.Louis. I only lived there for a year or so, but still have family out there, who support the team. Funny enough, my Father, who was raised in Pittsburgh, is a Packers fan because the Steelers stunk in his youth. Outside of that, I really have no reason to, or not to like Green Bay.

Name five players to watch for on Cleveland's side of the ball?

Offensively Daryl Richardson, Tavon Austin, Brian Quick, and the 2 LGs (Chris Williams, Shelley Smith). 
Defensively, Mike Brockers, Alec Ogletree, Ray Ray Armstrong, William Hayes, Rob Quinn.

What are your dream picks for the 2014 NFL Draft right now (based on where you expect the Rams to pick)?

Right now, I view OG and S as the most glaring needs for us. "Big" Gabe Jackson and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix would be ideal with our 2 1st Round selections. I'd say both us and The Redskins will finish somewhere in the 18-24 range.

[If Ha Ha Clinton-Dix drops to the 18-24 range and Thompson doesn't trade up, I'd be disappointed. There seems to be fewer and fewer legit safety prospects as the seasons go on. Green Bay's biggest need is likely safety (assuming Raji comes back).]

How has Scott Wells been doing after you guys stole him from Green Bay?

Wells has been a bit injury prone, but has been solid while on the field. This year will be telling for him, as they drafted his potential replacement in the 4th Rd, Barrett Jones. 

[If Scott Wells would have played at all last season the Packers would have likely had an extra compensatory pick. We lost a starting center and didn't even get back the pick we should have. This means war, Rams. I also hate you for stealing Barrett Jones. Now is the time for me to tell everyone that Thompson's only ever spent a draft pick on one or two offensive linemen that didn't play left tackle in college. Ever. Dude loves left tackles.]

A lot of people compare Green Bay's Brad Jones to your first round pick Alec Ogletree, what do you think about that?

Very accurate comparison. Both rangy athlete LBs, with big time potential. I wasn't Alec's biggest fan pre-draft, but he'll be asked to step up after Jo-Lonn Dunbar's 4 game suspension.

[I really liked Ogletree. A team scout told me he was a top 5 athlete in the draft. Unfortunately, you also have to play football in the NFL.]

Is Cody Davis flashing in camp? He was one of my favorites.

I'm a big fan of Cody. From what I've heard (2nd hand) he's looked good. Running with the 3rd team mostly. He's not a lock to make the team, but after Matt Daniels' camp injuries, I'd say it is "likely" he makes the Final 53.

Justis Mosqueda is a Journalism student who writes for OptimumScouting.comSportingNews.comDraftBreakdown.com, and Packers-Backer.blogspot.com.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Post Week 1 Review and Roster Predictions

by Justis Mosqueda

Offensive Review/Roster Predictions Post-Family Night
Defensive Review/Roster Predictions Post Family Night
Pre-Family Night Predictions

Quarterbacks (2) Aaron Rodgers, Graham Harrell

While no backup quarterback shined vs Arizona (the thee combine for 0/7 deeper than 20 yards), Graham Harrell took the second team snaps, and still is in practice.

Running Backs (5) DuJuan Harris, James Starks, Eddie Lacy, Johnathan Franklin, John Kuhn

On Wednesday, DuJuan Harris returned to practice, playing with the first team offense. With James Starks hurt, Eddie Lacy might be able to jump him. Alex Green seems like the odd man out in this group.

Wide Receivers (5) Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Randall Cobb, Jarrett Boykin, Jeremy Ross

With many of the receivers hurt against Arizona, Jarrett Boykin and Jeremy Ross were able to rack up a lot of snaps on offense. With Tyrone Walker emerging, I'm not sure the team doesn't take in six receivers, but Ross gets the nod due to his returning ability.

Tight Ends (5) Jermichael Finley, Andrew Quarless, D.J. Williams, Matthew Mulligan, Ryan Taylor

Everything is going according to plan in the tight end corp.

Offensive Line (8) David Bakhtiari, Josh Sitton, Evan Dietrich-Smith, T.J. Lang, Marshall Newhouse, Don Barclay, Greg Van Roten, Derek Sherrod

After losing J.C. Tretter and Bryan Bulaga to possible season ending injuries, the roster opened up a couple spots on the offensive line. David Bakhtiari did great against Arizona as a left tackle. Marshall Newhouse and Don Barclay are still fighting for the right tackle position, but either couple be swing players as backups. Greg Van Roten can also swing on the interior. If Newhouse starts at right tackle, there's not another non-Derek Sherrod backup that can play left tackle, which makes the former first round pick valuable.

Defensive Line (7) B.J. Raji, Ryan Pickett, C.J. Wilson, Datone Jones, Mike Neal, Mike Daniels, Johnny Jolly

The defense's depth is so deep that it's hard to make some final cuts. Here, Jerel Worthy (2012 second round pick) is assumed to start on PUP while Josh Boyd (2012 sixth round pick) didn't make the roster. Everyone but Jolly (who got more second team snaps vs Arizona than Boyd) is a virtual lock to make the roster.

Linebackers (9) Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, Brad Jones, A.J. Hawk, Andy Mulumba, Dezman Moses, Jamari Lattimore, Robert Francois, Terrell Manning

UDFA Andy Mulumba has seemed to have passes Dezman Moses and Nate Palmer (2013 draft pick) on the depth chart. With the limited amount of roster spots, I'm not sure Green Bay takes more then four outside linebackers, leaving Palmer off the list. The top four inside linebackers are the same as most projected. What's interesting is that Sam Barrington took first team snaps with the team when Brad Jones and Jamari Lattimore weren't able to play. With Terrell Manning playing more on special teams, though, I would assume he'd have a slight lead over Barrington.

Defensive Backs (9) Tramon Williams, Sam Shields, Casey Hayward, Morgan Burnett, M.D. Jennings, Jerron McMillian, Micah Hyde, Davon House, Jarrett Bush

Eight of the nine defensive backs listed are locks, in my opinion. I gave Jarrett Bush the nod over the other defensive backs due to his versatility. Bush was the Week 1 starter at corner back for the Packers in 2012, he's also played safety, and he's a Pro Bowl special-teamer. His impact on special teams gives him the lead for me.

Special Teams (3) Mason Crosby, Tim Masthay, Brett Goode

Even though Mason Crosby lost the kick off during Family Night, I don't think the battle is lost. I need to see him on the second team before I move him off the list. Masthay and Goode are locks, as they don't even have competition in camp.

IR/PUP (4) J.C. Tretter (OC/OG), Bryan Bulaga (OT), Sederrik Cunningham (WR), Jerel Worthy (DE)

Justis Mosqueda is a Journalism student who writes for OptimumScouting.comSportingNews.comDraftBreakdown.com, and Packers-Backer.blogspot.com.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Passing Charts: Green Bay vs Arizona

by Justis Mosqueda

In addition to keeping track of the first and second team snaps and charting plays, I will also be keeping track of the quarterbacks in Packers camp. One of the best ways to evaluate passers is by charting their throws.

Here's the format: Rows are separated by air distance between where the ball hits the target and the line of scrimmage. Columns are separated by side of the field, left being left of the hashes, middle being between the hashes, and right being to the right of the hashes. All in all, it's a 4 x 3 grid with a smaller grid inside each box. The first row (left to right) reads competitions then attempts. The next row down is passing yards. The final row is touchdowns then interceptions. The quarterbacks are in order as they saw time on the field.

While the Packers did play a pretty vanilla game vs Arizona, there's no excuse for the non-Rodgers quarterbacks to miss all seven of their passes over 10 air yards.

Justis Mosqueda is a Journalism student who writes for OptimumScouting.comSportingNews.comDraftBreakdown.com, and Packers-Backer.blogspot.com.

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