Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Passing Charts: Green Bay vs Arizona

by Justis Mosqueda

In addition to keeping track of the first and second team snaps and charting plays, I will also be keeping track of the quarterbacks in Packers camp. One of the best ways to evaluate passers is by charting their throws.

Here's the format: Rows are separated by air distance between where the ball hits the target and the line of scrimmage. Columns are separated by side of the field, left being left of the hashes, middle being between the hashes, and right being to the right of the hashes. All in all, it's a 4 x 3 grid with a smaller grid inside each box. The first row (left to right) reads competitions then attempts. The next row down is passing yards. The final row is touchdowns then interceptions. The quarterbacks are in order as they saw time on the field.

While the Packers did play a pretty vanilla game vs Arizona, there's no excuse for the non-Rodgers quarterbacks to miss all seven of their passes over 10 air yards.

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