Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Offense (24)
Defense (26)
Special Teams (3)

Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers, Vince Young (2)

Running Back: Eddie Lacy, Johnathan Franklin, Alex Green, James Starks (4)

Fullback: John Kuhn (1)

Wide Receiver: Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Randall Cobb, Jarrett Boykin, Jeremy Ross (5)

Tight End: Jermichael Finley, D.J. Williams, Andrew Quarless, Matthew Mulligan (4)

Offensive Line: David Bakhtiari, Josh Sitton, Evan Dietrich-Smith, T.J. Lang, Don Barclay, Marshall Newhouse, Greg Van Roten, Lane Taylor (8)

Defensive End: B.J. Raji, C.J. Wilson, Datone Jones, Mike Daniels (4)

Nose Tackle: Ryan Pickett, Johnny Jolly (2)

Outside Linebacker: Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, Mike Neal, Nate Palmer, Andy Mulumba (5)

Inside Linebacker: Brad Jones, A.J. Hawk, Robert Francois, Jamari Lattimore, Sam Barrington (5)

Cornerback: Tramon Williams, Sam Shields, Casey Hayward, Jeremy Hyde, Davon House, Jarrett Bush (6)

Safety: Morgan Burnett, Jerron McMillian, M.D. Jennings, Chris Banjo (4)

Special Teams: Tim Masthay, Mason Crosby, Brett Goode (3)

PUP: J.C. Tretter (OG/OC), Jerel Worthy (DE), Derek Sherrod (OT)

IR: Bryan Bulaga (OT), DuJuan Harris (RB)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Behind Enemy Lines-Preseason Week 2 vs St. Louis Rams

by Justis Mosqueda

Preseason Week 1 vs Arizona (featuring: Kent Hodder)

Joining me this week is Nick Page of the DraftBreakdown.com team, who you can follow on Twitter: @NFLDraftPage.

Why are you a Cleveland Rams fan, and why don't you root for the Packers?

(I'm gonna assume you meant St.Louis)

[Someone's didn't read the first edition of the series..]

I'm a Ram's fan, because I was born in St.Louis. I only lived there for a year or so, but still have family out there, who support the team. Funny enough, my Father, who was raised in Pittsburgh, is a Packers fan because the Steelers stunk in his youth. Outside of that, I really have no reason to, or not to like Green Bay.

Name five players to watch for on Cleveland's side of the ball?

Offensively Daryl Richardson, Tavon Austin, Brian Quick, and the 2 LGs (Chris Williams, Shelley Smith). 
Defensively, Mike Brockers, Alec Ogletree, Ray Ray Armstrong, William Hayes, Rob Quinn.

What are your dream picks for the 2014 NFL Draft right now (based on where you expect the Rams to pick)?

Right now, I view OG and S as the most glaring needs for us. "Big" Gabe Jackson and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix would be ideal with our 2 1st Round selections. I'd say both us and The Redskins will finish somewhere in the 18-24 range.

[If Ha Ha Clinton-Dix drops to the 18-24 range and Thompson doesn't trade up, I'd be disappointed. There seems to be fewer and fewer legit safety prospects as the seasons go on. Green Bay's biggest need is likely safety (assuming Raji comes back).]

How has Scott Wells been doing after you guys stole him from Green Bay?

Wells has been a bit injury prone, but has been solid while on the field. This year will be telling for him, as they drafted his potential replacement in the 4th Rd, Barrett Jones. 

[If Scott Wells would have played at all last season the Packers would have likely had an extra compensatory pick. We lost a starting center and didn't even get back the pick we should have. This means war, Rams. I also hate you for stealing Barrett Jones. Now is the time for me to tell everyone that Thompson's only ever spent a draft pick on one or two offensive linemen that didn't play left tackle in college. Ever. Dude loves left tackles.]

A lot of people compare Green Bay's Brad Jones to your first round pick Alec Ogletree, what do you think about that?

Very accurate comparison. Both rangy athlete LBs, with big time potential. I wasn't Alec's biggest fan pre-draft, but he'll be asked to step up after Jo-Lonn Dunbar's 4 game suspension.

[I really liked Ogletree. A team scout told me he was a top 5 athlete in the draft. Unfortunately, you also have to play football in the NFL.]

Is Cody Davis flashing in camp? He was one of my favorites.

I'm a big fan of Cody. From what I've heard (2nd hand) he's looked good. Running with the 3rd team mostly. He's not a lock to make the team, but after Matt Daniels' camp injuries, I'd say it is "likely" he makes the Final 53.

Justis Mosqueda is a Journalism student who writes for OptimumScouting.comSportingNews.comDraftBreakdown.com, and Packers-Backer.blogspot.com.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Post Week 1 Review and Roster Predictions

by Justis Mosqueda

Offensive Review/Roster Predictions Post-Family Night
Defensive Review/Roster Predictions Post Family Night
Pre-Family Night Predictions

Quarterbacks (2) Aaron Rodgers, Graham Harrell

While no backup quarterback shined vs Arizona (the thee combine for 0/7 deeper than 20 yards), Graham Harrell took the second team snaps, and still is in practice.

Running Backs (5) DuJuan Harris, James Starks, Eddie Lacy, Johnathan Franklin, John Kuhn

On Wednesday, DuJuan Harris returned to practice, playing with the first team offense. With James Starks hurt, Eddie Lacy might be able to jump him. Alex Green seems like the odd man out in this group.

Wide Receivers (5) Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Randall Cobb, Jarrett Boykin, Jeremy Ross

With many of the receivers hurt against Arizona, Jarrett Boykin and Jeremy Ross were able to rack up a lot of snaps on offense. With Tyrone Walker emerging, I'm not sure the team doesn't take in six receivers, but Ross gets the nod due to his returning ability.

Tight Ends (5) Jermichael Finley, Andrew Quarless, D.J. Williams, Matthew Mulligan, Ryan Taylor

Everything is going according to plan in the tight end corp.

Offensive Line (8) David Bakhtiari, Josh Sitton, Evan Dietrich-Smith, T.J. Lang, Marshall Newhouse, Don Barclay, Greg Van Roten, Derek Sherrod

After losing J.C. Tretter and Bryan Bulaga to possible season ending injuries, the roster opened up a couple spots on the offensive line. David Bakhtiari did great against Arizona as a left tackle. Marshall Newhouse and Don Barclay are still fighting for the right tackle position, but either couple be swing players as backups. Greg Van Roten can also swing on the interior. If Newhouse starts at right tackle, there's not another non-Derek Sherrod backup that can play left tackle, which makes the former first round pick valuable.

Defensive Line (7) B.J. Raji, Ryan Pickett, C.J. Wilson, Datone Jones, Mike Neal, Mike Daniels, Johnny Jolly

The defense's depth is so deep that it's hard to make some final cuts. Here, Jerel Worthy (2012 second round pick) is assumed to start on PUP while Josh Boyd (2012 sixth round pick) didn't make the roster. Everyone but Jolly (who got more second team snaps vs Arizona than Boyd) is a virtual lock to make the roster.

Linebackers (9) Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, Brad Jones, A.J. Hawk, Andy Mulumba, Dezman Moses, Jamari Lattimore, Robert Francois, Terrell Manning

UDFA Andy Mulumba has seemed to have passes Dezman Moses and Nate Palmer (2013 draft pick) on the depth chart. With the limited amount of roster spots, I'm not sure Green Bay takes more then four outside linebackers, leaving Palmer off the list. The top four inside linebackers are the same as most projected. What's interesting is that Sam Barrington took first team snaps with the team when Brad Jones and Jamari Lattimore weren't able to play. With Terrell Manning playing more on special teams, though, I would assume he'd have a slight lead over Barrington.

Defensive Backs (9) Tramon Williams, Sam Shields, Casey Hayward, Morgan Burnett, M.D. Jennings, Jerron McMillian, Micah Hyde, Davon House, Jarrett Bush

Eight of the nine defensive backs listed are locks, in my opinion. I gave Jarrett Bush the nod over the other defensive backs due to his versatility. Bush was the Week 1 starter at corner back for the Packers in 2012, he's also played safety, and he's a Pro Bowl special-teamer. His impact on special teams gives him the lead for me.

Special Teams (3) Mason Crosby, Tim Masthay, Brett Goode

Even though Mason Crosby lost the kick off during Family Night, I don't think the battle is lost. I need to see him on the second team before I move him off the list. Masthay and Goode are locks, as they don't even have competition in camp.

IR/PUP (4) J.C. Tretter (OC/OG), Bryan Bulaga (OT), Sederrik Cunningham (WR), Jerel Worthy (DE)

Justis Mosqueda is a Journalism student who writes for OptimumScouting.comSportingNews.comDraftBreakdown.com, and Packers-Backer.blogspot.com.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Passing Charts: Green Bay vs Arizona

by Justis Mosqueda

In addition to keeping track of the first and second team snaps and charting plays, I will also be keeping track of the quarterbacks in Packers camp. One of the best ways to evaluate passers is by charting their throws.

Here's the format: Rows are separated by air distance between where the ball hits the target and the line of scrimmage. Columns are separated by side of the field, left being left of the hashes, middle being between the hashes, and right being to the right of the hashes. All in all, it's a 4 x 3 grid with a smaller grid inside each box. The first row (left to right) reads competitions then attempts. The next row down is passing yards. The final row is touchdowns then interceptions. The quarterbacks are in order as they saw time on the field.

While the Packers did play a pretty vanilla game vs Arizona, there's no excuse for the non-Rodgers quarterbacks to miss all seven of their passes over 10 air yards.

Justis Mosqueda is a Journalism student who writes for OptimumScouting.comSportingNews.comDraftBreakdown.com, and Packers-Backer.blogspot.com.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Charted Game: Green Bay vs Arizona (Preseason Week 1)

by Justis Mosqueda

Download link (first and second team offense/defense):

Link includes:
Results of the play
(example: Starks 4 R for a 4 yard rush by James Starks)
(offense, passing target on incompletions)
(defense, who was covering the passing target)
Tackler (defense)
(defense, the personnel the offense comes out with. RB-TE. Example: 11 means 1 RB 1 TE.)
Players involved in the play
Special teams "starters"

Snap counts are included here: 

Justis Mosqueda is a Journalism student who writes for OptimumScouting.comDraftFalcons.comPackers-Backer.blogspot.com, and cuts videos of NFL Draft prospects for DraftBreakdown.com

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Post-Week 1 Depth Chart

By Justis Mosqueda

After charting the Packers' first two teams on offense and defense, it became clear what the pecking order is depth chart-wise. The charts will be coming Tuesday (and will continue to be released on Tuesday for the rest of the preseason), but I decided to make the depth chart a separate post. The depth chart goes top to bottom, first listing the snaps the player took with the first team, then with the second. Players in red either 1) didn't play due to injuries or 2) were injured during play. Players in blue are on the PUP or IR lists.

OFFENSE (12-36)

Aaron Rodgers 12-0
Graham Harrell 0-36

DuJuan Harris (PUP)
James Starks 11-10
Eddie Lacy
Johnathan Franklin 0-20
Alex Green 0-6

John Kuhn 0-4
Jonathan Amosa 0-1

Jordy Nelson
Jasmes Jones 12-0
Randall Cobb
Jarrett Boykin 12-24
Jeremy Ross 12-25
Charles Johnson
Kevin Dorsey
Tyrone Walker 1-25
Myles White 0-11
Alex Gillett 0-8

Jermichael Finley 12-0
Andrew Quarless
D.J. Williams 0-25
Ryan Taylor
Matthew Mulligan 0-12
Brandon Bostick 0-9

Bryan Bulaga
David Bakhtiari 12-27
Derek Sherrod (PUP)
Marshall Newhouse 0-9

Josh Sitton 12-0
Patrick Lewis 0-36

Evan Dietrich-Smith 12-0
J.C. Tretter (PUP)
Greg Van Roten 0-36

T.J. Lang 12-0
Andrew Datko
Lane Taylor 0-36

Marshall Newhouse 12-14
Don Barclay 0-22

DEFENSE (10-22)

B.J Raji 8-0
Ryan Pickett 5-0
Datone Jones 1-0
C.J. Wilson 2-17
Mike Neal
Jerel Worthy (PUP)
Mike Daniels 4-12
Johnny Jolly 0-11
Josh Boyd 0-5

B.J. Raji 2-0
Ryan Pickett 2-0
Jordan Miller 0-14

Clay Matthews 10-0
Nick Perry 10-3
Andy Mulumba 0-22
Dezman Moses 0-19

Brad Jones 10-0
A.J. Hawk 6-0
Robert Francois 0-22
Jamari Lattimore 0-21

Tramon Williams
Sam Shields 10-0
Casey Hayward
Davon House 10-7
Micah Hyde 5-21
James Nixon 0-14
Loyce Means 0-6

Morgan Burnett 10-0
M.D. Jennings 7-21
Jerron McMillian 7-21
Sean Richardson
Chris Banjo 0-4
Chaz Powell 0-1


Kick Return:
[Ross], Barclay, Boykin, Bush, Daniels, Francois, Kuhn, Lattimore, Manning, McMillian, Williams

[Crosby], Burnett, Boykin, Bush, Francois, Hyde, Kuhn, Lattimore, Manning, Ross, Williams

Punt Return:
[Franklin], Boykin, Bush, Francois, House, Hyde, Kuhn, Lattimore, McMillian, Mulligan, Williams

Justis Mosqueda is a Journalism student who writes for OptimumScouting.comDraftFalcons.comPackers-Backer.blogspot.com, and cuts videos of NFL Draft prospects for DraftBreakdown.com

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Behind Enemy Lines-Preseason Week 1-Arizona Cardinals

by Justis Mosqueda

Every week in the regular season, I'll ask a friend of mine, who is also a fan of the team playing against the Packers, a couple questions. Since the pre-season is starting, I decided to run through a couple rough drafts, instead of just jumping into the regular season. Green Bay is playing Arizona on Thursday at 5 PM Pacific (West Side). Joining me is my friend, Kent Hodder (who you can follow on Twitter: @kenthodder.)

What's it like being a fan of the Morgan Athletic Club, and why don't you root for the Packers?

Frustrating, exciting, depressing. It can be hard at times, though there is usually some payoff in that draft time can be more exciting having your team pick in the top 10, however it gets a bit old repeatedly sitting that high. The last 5-6 years have bought some of the best seasons this team has ever seen including being 2 minutes away from one of the most improbable Super Bowl victories of all time.  The cycle of this team over the past 6 years would have to be one of the strangest six year periods in football; this team went from having a great offense led by Warner/Fitzgerald/Boldin and a defense that was so-so followed by three seasons of absolute crap on offense led by nobody in particular and a defense that has been among the best in the league.

Coming into this season there are a lot of unknowns around the team, and while that is a cause for a lot of excitement, it has also been a cause for some concern. The addition of Carson Palmer has created such a surge of excitement among the fan-base I wonder what will happen if the team ever acquires an elite QB. Yet some of the losses on defense could be hard to cover up, none more so than the departure of Ray Horton. Hopes are high in the desert but only time will tell where this team with so many new pieces needing to fall into place will end up.

As for why I am not a Packers fan, I hate cheese….

[Don't tell anyone, but so do I. I didn't eat pizza with cheese until I was well into middle school, and I still don't like cheeseburgers. Shh.]

Either that or there was a distinct lack of Anquan Boldin on the Packers when I first started looking for my team.

Give me five players on the Cardinals who you'll be looking at during the game.

The first off the bat has to be Tyrann Mathieu, it will be his first live game action since the National Championship game LSU lost to Alabama nearly 18 months ago, there has been nothing but stellar reports coming out of camp about this guy. It will be interesting to see him on an NFL field.

Second is Nate Potter, he will be running with the second team offensive line at Left Tackle and is in with a shot to win the starting LT job. I want to see if he has improved on his functional strength, is he going to be an asset in the running game, he will need to be to surpass Levi Brown.

Justin Bethel, a 6th round pick in 2012, Bethel was drafted out of a small school based on special teams ability. He was moved from S to CB in his first season and is now looking to cement some more PT on defense, he will probably run with the 2ndteam unit, and maybe some with the 3rd team. He has solid size and is a good athlete, we have heard good reports coming out of camp on him, so we will see where this goes.

Earl Watford, the small school rookie RG; I want to see how he is going to show on the NFL level, he is sitting 4th string at RG at the moment, but he will more than likely make the football team, will run with the 3rd string OL and likely get a lot of snaps.

Finally Stepfan Taylor, right now our RB position is wide open, Taylor has someone that will endear him to Bruce Arians and that is his pass protection. If he can prove to be the best runner of the bunch he might be in with an outside shot of surpassing Mendenhall as the number one running back, especially with Ryan Williams still dealing with his injury worries (Thanks Packers). There is some depth at the RB spot too, it is going to be interesting to watch it shake out in the preseason.

[If you're interested in Taylor you might want to check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WD3TH2ARmFE]

The Vegas line is set as a Packers win by 6 points, over/under?

I don’t really care either way, but I would probably take the over. Packers will build a lead early with a couple of good first team drives, and with the caliber of 2nd and 3rd string QB’s on both teams leaving a bit to be desired I think it could hold. I don’t mind a bit of a bet here and there, but there is no way I would ever put money on a Preseason NFL game.

Looking at the depth chart, you'll be needing a quarterback in next year's draft. Who's your favorite in the 2014 class (outside of Teddy Bridgewater)?

You would find a lot of Cardinals fans who would disagree with the notion that the team will “need” a QB in the 2014 draft, I don’t, but it will all depend on who is available and at what spot.

Among the seniors I love David Fales, but I don’t think he will even be on the radar of the team because of the scheme that the team is wanting the run (Vertical, Vertical, Vertical) so my eyes are on the small school fellow with a good Education Jeff Matthews out of Cornell. I think our team is going to be present at a lot of his games this season if they are serious about adding a Quarterback early in the draft. Bryn Renner has caught my eye too.

[Agree with you on Fales and Matthews. I'm out here trying to kill the Bryn Renner hype train with my bare hands. In the games I've charted, he was something like 3 of 13 on passes equal to or over 20 air yards.]

If we delve a little bit into underclassmen I like Blake Bortles, Marcus Mariota and the Brett’s Hundley and Smith. It is all still very early however and we could see someone come of out thin air somewhere to really impress and we could see some of the more liked guys struggle.

[You just named two of my top three non-Bridgewater juniors and my top two sophomore quarterbacks. Much better. Again, Renner is sub-25%, and his base is wider than the big screen hanging in Jerry's Dome.]

If it's not quarterback, which positions would be the biggest 2014 need, and who you would take?

I think QB is always the place to start when building a football team and depending on where the Cardinals are drafting a first round selection of either Bridgewater or Matthews would be fine with me, past that I think rather than looking to draft at any particular position you are looking for difference makers and mismatches. That leads me to an area on this team which could use a play-maker, the Tight End position, Rob Housler is heading into his third season and finally has a solid QB to throw him the football so his development in 2012 will be one to look out for, but a guy like Colt Lyerla or Austin Sefarian-Jenkins at the TE position could really provide this team with a difference maker and a mismatch creator on offense.

[I don't like ASJ as much as most people do, at this point. I think he's a top-50 tight-end, but I'm not taking him in the first. He's way more Mercedes Lewis, to me, than Gronk.]

Defensively the needs are a little more obvious, but again it is about difference makers and taking away mismatches. Safety and Pass Rusher are going to be the two areas that the team is likely to look at closely in the 2014 draft; I love Anthony Barr, he has freakish athleticism, if he can develop technically he will be a very highly drafted player. If Clowney is an option (And Bridgewater is not) you would be stupid not to draft him I also really like Khalil Mack from Buffalo in the 2nd round, and have just started looking at some Prince Shembo games.

At Safety Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix is a standout at the position for me, but really I struggle to get good evaluations on safeties.

[I'm with you there. It's hard to really get a feel for safeties without access to coaches' film.]

There will be a lot of talk of Left Tackle too given the teams situation at the position.

Former Packer, Daryn Colledge is on the team; how's he looking?

He is looking injured right now, he has missed most of training camp with a nerve issue in his leg and will not play against the Packers in the first preseason game.

[It's okay, the Packers won't actually be playing against Arizona. Not the ones making the roster, at least. Everyone's hurt. #PackIRs]

Last season he was poor there are no two ways about it. Expected to take on a leadership role on the OL with all the turnover and new players coming in he fell flat on his face. It was not the best situation to be playing in, but he really had issues last season. He is being moved to Right Guard this season (Mostly to accommodate Jonathan Cooper) another new position for him. I don’t think he will be with the team much past this season, a very expensive, average at best guard. With Earl Watford being drafted in the 4th round and 2012 5th round pick Senio Kelemete in the background, Colledge will have to really impress this season to hold a roster spot in 2014.

Has the Morgan Athletic Club considered a name change to the Honey Badgers?

Not yet, but if he keeps up his camp form in the season they might. I am also pretty sure the entire fan-base would not be against calling this team the Arizona Warners if it meant Kurt would be around the team.

[Lifetime coach-player contract included? You just found your 2014 starter.]

Justis Mosqueda is a Journalism student who writes for OptimumScouting.comDraftFalcons.comPackers-Backer.blogspot.com, and cuts videos of NFL Draft prospects for DraftBreakdown.com

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Meet The New Left Tackle, Same As The Old Left Tackle

by Justis Mosqueda

Late Sunday night, news broke of left-tackle Bryan Bulaga's injury. While that in itself is a huge blow to the Packers squad, there are shock waves that the (possible) loss to Bulaga will send through the roster.

First, there will be a new starting tackle. During the first drive of the Packers' Family Night, Bulaga was the left tackle, Josh Sitton was the left guard, Evan Dietrich-Smith was the center, T.J. Lang was the right guard, and Marshall Newhouse was the right tackle. After inconsistent play from Newhouse in 2011 and 2012 at left tackle, the Packers flipped their entire offensive line, including a move of their 2010 first round pick, Bulaga, to the left side. Newhouse and Don Barclay (who also saw playing time in 2012 due to injuries higher up on the depth chart) were the tackles expected to battle for right tackle, but rookie David Bakhtiari was the only other non-"starter" to get time with the first team on Family Night. Bakhtiari and Newhouse split time at right tackle with the first team, and they were both on the second team, Bakhtiari at right tackle and Newhouse at left tackle.

Because of this, I think Newhouse will be the starting left tackle for the Packers as long as: 1) Bulaga is really lost for the year and 2) the 2011 first round pick, Derek Sherrod, isn't ready to start by then. While Newhouse is likely a below average tackle in 2013, he knows the footwork needed to play left tackle, and he has started 29 regular season games the past two years.

With Newhouse at left tackle, it gives way to David Bakhtiari winning the right tackle job. The staff will likely give Bakhtiari some snaps at left tackle in the preseason just to push Newhouse, and give Don Barclay snaps at right tackle to push the rookie, but I'm ready to name the regular season starters today.

Now, here's where the shock waves come in. Don Barclay was the seventh offensive lineman on Family Night (behind Bulaga, Sitton, Dietrich-Smith, Lang, Newhouse, and Bakhtiari). After spending most of last season at right tackle, Barclay's been swinging from center, to right guard, to right tackle, and back again all off-season. After J.C. Tretter, a 2013 draft pick, went down with a ankle injury, there's been no center depth on the Packers squad. Barclay got time on Family Night with the first team (while limited) at right guard, and he started off the game as the center for the second team, but moved to right guard for the second team when Andrew Datko was pulled (playing right guard), and Lane Taylor came in at left guard, moving Greg Van Roten (playing left guard) to center and Barclay (playing center) to right tackle.

If the offensive line was healthy, the 2013 starters would likely be Derek Sherrod (left tackle), Josh Sitton (left guard), Evan Dietrich-Smith (center), T.J. Lang (right guard), and Bryan Bulaga (right tackle) with Marshall Newhouse being the swing tackle, David Bakhtiari being a swing guard that can play right tackle, and J.C. Tretter being a swing guard that can play center. Instead, a Newhouse, Sitton, Dietrich-Smith, Lang, Bakhtiari starting on the line is very likely, with Sherrod backing up Newhouse at left tackle and Barclay and Van Roten backing up the rest. I view Barclay and Van Roten very much as guard prospects, who the Packers are asking to be one injury away from starting at right tackle or center.

No matter who starts, the offense still has Aaron Rodgers. The offense still has the 2011 receiving touchdowns leader, Jordy Nelson. The offense still has the 2012 receiving touchdowns leader, James Jones. The offense still has the Packers single-season all-purpose yard record holder, Randall Cobb. The offense still has Mike McCarthy. The Packers still have Ted Thompson.

It's not like the Packers have had good offensive line health in recent years, anyway.

Everything will be sorted out in time. The Packers will plug in a lineman and have their athletes produce. Packer fans will still yell at Newhouse when Rodgers is sacked. The Packers will still make the playoffs. Everything will be sorted out in time. #InTedWeTrust

Justis Mosqueda is a Journalism student who writes for OptimumScouting.comDraftFalcons.comPackers-Backer.blogspot.com, and cuts videos of NFL Draft prospects for DraftBreakdown.com

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Packers Defensive Review/Roster Predictions Post-Family Night

by Justis Mosqueda

Pre-Family Night Predictions
Offensive Review/Roster Predictions Post-Family Night

Defensive Line (7) B.J. Raji, Ryan Pickett, Datone Jones, C.J. Wilson, Mike Neal (OLB), Mike Daniels, Johnny Jolly

-Starting 3-4 was Wilson-Pickett-Raji, but in nickel/dime Jones/Raji were the defensive linemen.

-Johnny Jolly and Mike Daniels looked good on the second team.

-Neal and Worthy, key players on the defensive line, were out for Family Night.

Linebackers (9) Clay Matthews, A.J. Hawk, Brad Jones, Nick Perry, Sam Barrington, Andy Mulumba, Terrell Manning, Nate Palmer, Jamari Lattimore

-A.J. Hawk looked much lighter than in 2012. He and Jones could be preparing for a faster more pass/zone read orientated than a rushing attack.

-Moses and Lattimore were out. Brad Jones was a fringe in/out, due to his finger, but he played.

-The second team linebackers were Mulumba (who went in for Clay with the first team), Manning, Barrington (who was with the first team in practice, when Jones was out), and Palmer.

Defensive Backs (9) Tramon Williams, Sam Shields, Casey Hayward, Davon House, Micah Hyde, Sam Shields, Morgan Burnett, M.D. Jennings, Jerron McMillian

-With Williams and Hayward out, Shields and House were the starting corner backs, with Hyde as the nickel back and McMillian as the dime.

-M.D. Jennings and Burnett were the starting safeties, with McMillian as the third, who rotated in.

-Jarrett Bush also got some solid playing time at corner along side of James Nixon, who had a pick-six.

-Loyce Means flashed some speed.

Special Teams (3) Giorgio Tavecchio, Tim Masthay, Brett Goode

-Giorgio Tavecchio (5/6) did much better than Mason Crosby (2/6), field goal-wise.

-Tim Masthay is expected to take over on kick-offs if Tavecchio wins the kicking job.

IR/PUP (3)

-Jerel Worthy (DE)

-J.C. Tretter (OC/OG)

-DuJuan Harris (RB)

Justis Mosqueda is a Journalism student who writes for OptimumScouting.comDraftFalcons.comPackers-Backer.blogspot.com, and cuts videos of NFL Draft prospects for DraftBreakdown.com

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Packers Offensive Review/Roster Predictions Post-Family Night

by Justis Mosqueda

Pre-Family Night Predictions
Defensive Review/Roster Predictions Post-Family Night

Quarterback (2) Aaron Rodgers, B.J. Coleman

-Aaron Rodgers came in, ran the no-huddle, scored a touchdown, and left the game.

-B.J. Coleman took snaps with the 1s after Aaron Rodgers left the game. He showed more arm than Harrell, but threw two interceptions, one being due to a target slipping.

-Graham Harrell was the more efficient of the back-up quarterbacks, easily "winning" the battle on Family Night.

Backfield (5) James Starks, Eddie Lacy, Johnathan Franklin, Alex Green, John Kuhn

-James Starks  beat out Alex Green as the starter, early in camp, and also started on Family Night. Starks proved again that he's a between the 20s, run-only running back by getting pulled out in the redzone with the first team and dropping some routine balls in the passing game.

-Eddie Lacy was the second running back on the field, coming in for Starks in the redzone. After that, Lacy was with the first team for a significant amount of time, and was impressive doing so.

-Johnathan Franklin looked like he could only make moves in space. It's unfortunate he never got to see time with Rodgers in the no-huddle, I think that's a perfect match. He also bobbled at least one ball while returning kicks.

-Alex Green has been stumbling, fell all the way to the forth running back on the board after becoming the early starter in camp. If Starks or Lacy learn to do well in the passing game, I don't think he's safe.

-DuJuan Harris was the late-2012 Packers starter, but has been out due to a knee injury and a removal of a cyst from his lungs. On a good note: he ran onto the field with his running back coach and corp-mates.

-Angelo Pease, a running back who the staff have been talking a lot about, impressed with a touchdown catch. I'm interested in seeing more of him in the preseason.

Wide Receivers (5) Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Randall Cobb, Jarrett Boykin, Jeremy Ross

-Nelson, Johnson, Dorsey, and Cunningham were out for Family Night.

-James Jones, Randall Cobb, and Jarrett Boykin looked like they belong.

-Jeremy Ross was part of a rotation after the top three receivers in, but really made an impact on special teams returning kicks. I think he's going to end up as the returner of the 2013 team.

-Tyrone Walker was the most impressive non-lock-to-make-the-roster wide receiver.

Tight Ends (5) Jermichael Finley, Andrew Quarless, D.J. Williams, Matthew Mulligan, Ryan Taylor

-Finley dropped the first pass of the game. So it begins.

-Andrew Quarless, the number two, was out for the game.

-D.J. Williams joined Finley in the first drive's no-huddle package. Rodgers split him out, lining him vs Datone Jones in coverage, for a touchdown.

-Matthew Mulligan and Ryan Taylor were the next two tight ends up. Both are likely more blockers than passing threats in 2013. Taylor left the game with an injury. No information on the injury as of now.

Offensive Line (8) Bryan Bulaga, Josh Sitton, Evan Dietrich-Smith, T.J. Lang, David Bakhtiari, Marshall Newhouse, Don Barclay, Greg Van Roten

-Bulaga, Sitton, and Evan Dietrich-Smith are solidified starters.

-T.J. Lang, an assumed lock at right guard, was pulled for a bit so Don Barclay could get right guard snaps with the first team. Interesting to say the least.

-Marshall Newhouse and David Bakhtiari were battling for the starting right tackle position. On the second team, Newhouse was a left tackle, while Bakhtiari was still taking right tackle snaps.

-Barclay and Greg Van Roten both played guard and center (Van Roten-LG, Barclay-RG).

-Andrew Datko, a college tackle, was the right guard for the second team, until Barclay took over. He was the only man bumped out on the second team offensive line. Lane Taylor moved in to left guard when that happened.

Justis Mosqueda is a Journalism student who writes for OptimumScouting.comDraftFalcons.comPackers-Backer.blogspot.com, and cuts videos of NFL Draft prospects for DraftBreakdown.com

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why The Packers 2012 Starting Running Back, DuJuan Harris, Won't Make The 2013 Roster

by Justis Mosqueda

One of the two arguments I keep getting myself involved in with fellow Packer fans is that DuJuan Harris won't make the 2013 roster. I may sound a little off by suggesting that the Packers best running back, hands down, of the 2012 season isn't a top four running back on the 2013 roster (returning two running backs from 2012), but hear me out.

At this point in training camp, James Starks and Alex Green have been taking the number one and two snaps. Green started off as the "starting" running back, while Starks has now taken the lead. The next two running backs on the depth chart are rookies Eddie Lacy, a second round pick, and Johnathan Franklin, who the Packers traded up in the forth for.

Where has DuJuan Harris been? At first, Harris was of camp out due to a surgical procedure to remove a cyst from his lung, but Tuesday, McCarthy said he's out "two to three weeks" with a knee injury. What all this means is Harris could possibly miss more than half of the preseason. That's not an idle situation to be in when two running backs are sliding up on the depth chart, while two relatively high draft-picks were added over the off-season.

Here's a deeper breakdown of the non-Harris, likely-to-make-the-roster Packers running backs:

James Starks
The biggest knock on Starks is that he's injury-prone. After becoming a key piece of the Super Bowl team (coming off of PUP), he's either been out with an injury or played through one, showing lack-luster potential. While he doesn't contribute much to the pass catching game (he's a better blocker than Harris), he is taking first-team snaps.

Alex Green
Green started off camp taking first-team snaps, and he hasn't fallen much by taking snaps as the second running back. Green's biggest knock is vision. Much like Brandon Jackson before him, Green has all the talent needed to succeed in the Packers offense, but the zone blocking scheme relies on good eyes, which Green seems to lack. Green may not be the best option for an every down back, but he's by far the best forpassing situations. He's caught more passes per rush attempt than Starks or Harris at this point in their careers. He also is the best running back in pass protection (unless you count John Kuhn, the full back) on the team.

Eddie Lacy
Eddie Lacy is projected by many to be the starter in 2013, but has yet to show "it" in camp. I wouldn't bet against him starting week one, though. Lacy's physicality may not show up much in practice, but will during games. Either way, Lacy is a lock to make the 2013 roster, and he likely contribute to first down, second down, and be the goal line back.

Johnathan Franklin
After slipping in the 2013 Draft, the Packers traded up to snatch up the former-Bruin. While Franklin has reportedly not done well in pass blocking drills, he does just about everything else. At UCLA he was just as much of a receiving threat as a running threat, making him a perfect fit for no-huddle offenses. After talking to some league sources, I came away surprised with how many of them said that if Giovanni Bernard hadn't been there for Cincinnati, they think Franklin would have been their pick in the second or third round.

While I think DuJuan Harris could make another NFL roster, I don't think the Packers have room for him this year. There's a reason he was a free agent mid-way through 2012: he doesn't do anything particularly well. He has effort, but with Starks moving up and Lacy added to the roster, there's no place for three first-and-second-down-only running backs. Green and Franklin are much better in pass situations than Harris, too. On a smaller note, it would cost slightly less to cut Harris, than any of the other four running backs. Historically, Ted Thompson, the Packers General Manager, has rarely had more than three or four running backs on the team, including only two for the opening of the 2010 season, the same season the Packers won the Super Bowl.

Harris's best bet might be taking the injured-reserve for 2013 and waiting for 2014, when James Starks and John Kuhn (a full back who sometimes comes in during pass situations) will likely be free agents, leaving the team with only Lacy, Green, and Franklin on the roster. In this situation, Harris and Lacy would be the only workhorse type running backs on the roster, and there would be less competition overall. It would not be over Thompson to slap an injured reserve designation on a player he doesn't want to lose, but can't keep on the roster.

Justis Mosqueda is a Journalism student who writes for OptimumScouting.comDraftFalcons.comPackers-Backer.blogspot.com, and cuts videos of NFL Draft prospects for DraftBreakdown.com

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