Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jeff Mathews in the Redzone

by Justis Mosqueda

After looking into David Fales's numbers in the redzone, I decided I'm going to do the same for every major college quarterback. Next up is Jeff Mathews, my number one rated QB in the 2014 class. Unfortunately, I was unable to gather a complete season of data for Mathews. I was unable to find the play by play sheets for the Cornell/Bucknell and the Cornell/Columbia games. If anyone is able to find them, I'd be glad to include them in the data. Let me know by sending me a tweet.

While Mathews plays a sub-division lower than David Fales, he had "worse" numbers in very single category. That might not be so much of a knock on Mathews and it's a pat on the back for Fales.

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