Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Double R Theory

by Justis Mosqueda

I'm not one to believe in curses, but one has fallen on the Green Bay Packers organization. I'm not sure why someone hasn't connected the dots prior to this, but it's pretty consistent.

Since the selection of Darren Sharper in the second round of the 1997 NFL Draft, every single Packers draft pick with two consecutive R's in his name has busted, up until this point.

1997 7th round pick Terrance Lucas: There is no evidence besides draft records that Lucas ever was even a Packer.

1998 6th round pick Scott McGarrahan: Played special teams with the Packers, before leaving after 3 years.

1999 6th round pick Scott Curray: Played in five games in two season with Green Bay before calling it a career.

2000 3rd round pick Steve Warren: Spent several seasons on the PUP or IR lists before having to retire in 2003 due to the injuries he sustained.

2000 4th round pick Gary Berry: Returned one kick in his one year with the Green Bay Packers.

2001 3rd round pick Torrence Marshall: After facing a suspension in 2003 and IR in 2004, Marshall was out of the league by 2005, playing the AFL from 2006-2007.

2001 4th round pick Bill Ferrario: Only was on the team from 2001-2002. The last time he saw playing time was in his second season in the league.

Now here is when things start to get scary accurate. You can argue that those guys were all late round picks, which usually don't pan out, but here comes almost every major bust in the past decade for the Packers:

2004 1st round pick Ahmad Carroll: The 1st round pick lasted less than two and a half years with the Packers, before getting cut. Last year he bounced around on two AFL clubs and the Toronto Argonuats roster.

2005 2nd round pick Terrence Murphy: Murphy, the once promising WR, caught five passes before his spinal stenosis diagnosis his rookie year. He played one season with the Packers.

2007 1st round pick Justin Harrell: This was basically the reaction to the Harrell selection-> Even though he did manage to be on the roster for four years, Harrell's career was covered with injuries that kept him off the field.

2007 7th round pick Clark Harris: Harris didn't even make the Packers roster.

2011 1st round pick Derek Sherrod: After breaking his leg his rookie year, he's still not ready to see the field. 2010 1st round pick Bryan Bulaga recently made the move to LT, making Sherrod's future in Green Bay questionable.

2012 1st round pick Nick Perry: Nick Perry was having an okay season in 2012, his rookie year, until he broke his wrist in Week 6, forcing him to go on the IR list.

2012 4th round pick Jerron McMillian: Nothing has happened to Jerron McMillian as of yet. :knocks on wood:

2012 5th round pick Terrell Manning: Contracted an illness during the pre-season his rookie year. Only was active in five games last season, racking up a total of 3 tackles when Desmond Bishop and D.J. Smith (both were projected as starters at one point in the year) were IR'd.

2013 7th round pick Sam Barrington: Nothing has happened to the rookie as of yet. Joins McMillian as the only exceptions to the rule, so far. :knocks on wood:

If you expand the list to guys with two R's in their names, period, it's a little different. While Aaron Rodgers and Donald Driver are on the list, the rest could be argued as busts. Some guys, like Corey Rodgers, never really saw the field. Others, like Allen Barbre, saw the field, but were just not very good at football.

The list:

1998 5th round pick Corey Bradford
1999 5th round pick Craig Heimburger
1999 7th round pick Donald Driver
2005 1st round pick Aaron Rodgers
2006 4th round pick Corey Rodgers
2007 4th round pick Allen Barbre
2013 4th round pick J.C. Tretter

The last name on the list is J.C. Tretter, the offensive lineman that broke his ankle during OTA's this week.

The curse is real, it's time to alert Jerron McMillian and Sam Barrington.

Justis Mosqueda is a Journalism student that writes for, and cuts videos of NFL Draft prospects for

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