Thursday, May 16, 2013

Logan Thomas (QB Virginia Tech) Pre-2013 Scouting Report

By Justis Mosqueda

2009: Logan Thomas redshirted his first year at Virginia Tech while Tyrod Taylor (2011 6th round pick of the Baltimore Ravens) was starting.
2010: Was a backup quarterback while Tyrod Taylor was in his senior year.
2011: Took over the starting job and was named 2nd team ACC (behind Clemson's Tajh Boyd).
2012: Slipped the next season, but did hold onto the starting job.
2013: Projected to start his third year.

At one point, Logan Thomas was Mel Kiper's number one quarterback. Since that projection, Thomas's stock has come crashing down in the draft community. He really wasn't the Cam Newton everyone was expecting, but a more mobile, much less polished, version of Ben Roethlisberger. At this point Logan Thomas is a project quarterback that you have to completely rebuild.

While he's got a good frame (6'6", around 255), he's one of the least exciting passers with "an arm". Not only does Thomas not take advantage of his arm, he overthrows his targets in intermediate throws that will more than likely be interceptions on the next level. Heck, look at this play for example:

There was no one near where he threw the ball, and the defender gets both hands on the pass. Logan is lucky that one wasn't counted as an interception.

Actually, looking back at 2011, Thomas might have been more lucky than good. Like this play:

Thomas rolls left on a 3rd and 13.

Instead of keeping his eyes down-field, Thomas locks eyes with the pass rusher running right at him. He doesn't get his feet set to make a pass, he just stares at him for a second. Notice the other rusher on the 20 that is free.

Not able to run right to buy time (because of the other rusher), Thomas twists, looks up, and heaves it deep, all in one motion. Everything looks sloppy.

The ball gets to the target (whom Thomas may have seen a half a second before he threw the ball) with enough power for him to make the jump ball "50/50" catch.

Thomas's "good" 2011 statistics don't show his sloppy progression, just a completion for about 25 yards. I think Thomas regressed toward the mean, rather than him actually dropping off in 2012. He threw more passes, more interceptions, less touchdowns, ran for less touchdowns, and got sacked more in 2012 than he did in 2011. I don't think he got worse, I just think he wasn't all that great a year before then, either.

Thomas has all the tools you technically need to be a good quarterback on the NFL level: a big arm, a tall frame, and mobility. His lack of accuracy, poor throwing motion, and poor decision making makes him a tough read, though. He was recruited out of high school by many colleges as a tight end. Maybe that's where he belongs in the pros. If he tests well at the combine, I'd bet there would be someone in the league willing to take a shot on him.

If Logan Thomas is willing to convert to tight end (which most quarterbacks aren't), I could see him going in late Day 2. Until then, Logan Thomas looks like a late Day 3 pick that has to spend a year or two on the practice squad before he should even be allowed to see number two duty on the depth chart.

Justis Mosqueda's current 2013 quarterback rankings:
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Logan Thomas Virginia Tech Day 3 grade

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