Saturday, June 22, 2013

An Interesting Play LSU/Mettenberger ran vs Alabama

by Justis Mosqueda

LSU came out in 11 personnel in a shotgun formation, with the tight end and running back both to the right side of the quarterback. Alabama matched LSU's three wide receivers with three corner backs. Alabama's nickel included two high safeties on 2nd and 8.

Here's a look at the field from behind Mettenberger, including the offense's play. The guards cut the interior defensive lineman, while the center and right tackle go straight to the two linebackers. The defensive end on top of the tight end is the "read man". So, the tight end ignores him and goes to the corner, still on the right side of the formation, although there are no receivers. Essentially, if the blocks are performed correctly and Mettenberger makes the right option, the closest person that should make the tackle should be the high safety or the backside defensive end.

Here, the cuts are finished, and the rest of the blockers are moving to second level blocks. Highlighted to the left is the backside defensive end, and to the right is the read man.

With the read man sticking to Mettenberger, he pitches the ball to his running back. The ball was too high, which resulted in an out of bounds fumble, but it was interesting, nonetheless, that Mettenberger ran an option play against Alabama. I wonder if we are going to see less of this type of offense with Cam Cameron joining LSU.

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